Jacksonville Historical Center

Helping to  keep our City's History intact for future generation

2023 Citizen of the Year Award Banquet

July 27, 2023  

6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Jacksonville Community Center

Awards are:

1.Citizen of the Year

2.Veteran of the Year

3.Teacher of the Year

4.Business of the Year

5.Fireman of the Year

6.Policeman of the Year

Tickets are $20.00 each 

Contact Barbara Mashburn @ 501-765-0767 

[email protected]

Facebook: Jacksonville Historical District- for nomination form or go to History Events on this webpage.

Dinner: Chicken with sauce on a bed of Rice, Broccoli, Roll. and Desert

Door Prizes, Silent Auction items, 

This year we will also be dedication two plaques to the Jacksonville Police Department the

 First Police Chief of Jacksonville: Myron Traylor  the second one will be for First Black Police Chief of Jacksonville Franklin Neely.

DID YOU KNOW ! The two photos above are of Nicholas W. Jackson, founder of Jacksonville. and the author of the first original plat of the town of Jacksonville was dated January 2, 1872. It showed the town as consisting of eight full blocks and four partial blocks extending from the railroad tracks to one block east of Oak Street and from one block south of chestnut to one block north of Pine. The street names were Front, Oak, Pine, Chestnut, and Walnut and consisted of 120 lots.

In 1873, Lonoke County was formed and the county lines included the Jacksonville area, during the two years Jacksonville was located in Lonoke County another section was added to the town, this section consisted of eight full blocks and nine partial blocks. The new streets were named Division, Mulberry, Locust (now Main), Hickory, Elm, First and Second.


 March 5, 2023
Jacksonville Historical District Meeting was held today at 3 pm the following members showed Up:Ollie Mashburn, Jane Tallent, Carolyn Kent, Addie Gibson, visitor- Rev. Dr. Don. R. Gibson
the group discussed
March 4, 2023
Jacksonville Commissioner's Meeting @ 3:pm today, Only 4 commissioners showed up for the meeting- Addie Gibson, Ollie Mashburn, Robin Wakefiled, Jane Tallent. Visitor was Rev Dr. Don R. Gibson.
One Commissioner didn't show up- Jason Sanders.
The Meeting started @ 3 pm til 3:30 pm.The only item that was on the agenda was to elect a speaker for this group, they elected Robin Wakefield. 

January 8, 2023
  • Monthly meeting today, items on the agenda :
  • Membership Dues
  • Getting early start to our Citizen of the year awards Banquet
  • Election of Historical District Commissioners (these were approved by the Mayor and Council)
  • Collecting items for Silent Auction for our Citizen of the Year Awards.

September 2022 
  • Monthly meeting at 3 pm at 104 S. 1st Street, Jacksonville Ar. 72076
  • Membership drive will be from now until January 1,2023- come check us out, you will be surprised.
  • Look for us on Facebook-Jacksonville Historical District
  • Looking for Volunteers for the Historical Center, if interested call 501-765-0767

August 2022
  •  We started our Fund raising campaign for the Historical Center Museum to help keep it open to the public  and for            our building of our Train depot replica.
  •   We are looking for members who would like to help share in the history of our town and help influence the History           Museum- cost is $30.00 yearly, starts in January . Email us at [email protected] for details.

With everyone's help this can be a reality, wouldn't it be nice to sit inside or outside and watch the trains go by.

There are several ways to donate: by Mail  to 104 S. 1st St. Jacksonville Ar. 72076

or by Using PayPal at [email protected]

About Us!

This is to tell you a little about your History Museum. In July 2014 a group of citizens got together to form the Jacksonville Historical District, we collected all kinds of history items, and still collect them today.

In 2018 we signed a lease for the building we are currently in now at 104 S. 1st St. Jacksonville Ar. 72076

After several months of remodel the Jacksonville Historical Center Museum was open to the public in June 2021.

Now we are asking for donations to help build a replica of the Train Depot so citizens can sit have coffee/ soda and watch the trains go by, if you think you would be able to help with this please let us know.


The Jacksonville Historical District Mission Statement :

The Jacksonville Historical District Committee's mission is a community-based vision for the preservation of our historic building and homes, focusing on its strengths, addressing its weaknesses and maximizing its potential

With its mix of housing and businesses, its walk-able, human scaled streets and a desire to grow offer a glimpse of the area's historic urban-ism and a way of community building that can address the need for the preservation of the original, downtown Jacksonville.

The area is approximately 8 blocks and will include a replica of the original Jacksonville Train Depot which originated when the land along Front Street was leased to the former Cairo-Fulton Railroad and thus, the town of Jacksonville began and grew outward as a result of land owner Nicholas Jackson's agreement with the railroad company.

Along with this we aim to revitalize our Main Street to make improvements  so people will want to come to our part of the city. Join with us and bring back our Main Street and Historical buildings and homes.

Master Plan Goals:

Details goals are being developed to guide the master plan, including to: 

  • Preserve, extend and enhance its Historic character.
  • Provide a mix of retail, cafe's, office, employment, cultural, housing, and open spaces for outdoor dinning
  • Build and promote a positive identity and brand.
  • The Historical District is rich with historical resources but damaged by urban renewal and auto-oriented development.

 This area suffered retail decline in 70's and 80's as suburban growth forced retailers to move out of the area. The Jacksonville Historical District's mission is to bring back our Historic part of town back to life.The Jacksonville .

Historical District will serve to:

  • Maintain and encourage a balanced mix of uses.
  • Increase the number of shops and cafe's, outdoor dinning
  • Redevelop parking lots and vacant sites
  • Protect and Preserve historical buildings and homes in the area.
  • Incorporate sustainable development practices.
  • Support pedestrian-oriented commercial activity.Projects:
  • Restore old Train Depot building as a Replica of our Train Depot.
  • Install a cafe with Wi-Fi.
  • Redevelop the area with outdoor sitting and dinning, cafe's, retail stores, art galleries and a Jacksonville Historical Museum.
  • Update and improve the way our Main Street looks, which in turn will help our stores in the area grow.

Founded in July 7, 2014 as a  nonprofit organization with 15 board members, to revive and preserve the history, culture and historical buildings of our original part of town and main street, we strive to bring back a replica of the original Train Depot and to provide a tourist attraction and Welcome Center and Museum to keep the history of our town intact for future generations.